Seattle Alcohol & Drug Evaluations

Seattle Alcohol & Drug Evaluations

We proudly provide fair and objective alcohol and drug – DUI assessments, family court assessments, inpatient treatment placement, self exploration assessments, intervention services, Alcohol Drug Information School, Victims Panels and outpatient treatment.

 At CTC Counseling you will receive:

  • Fair assessment with results provided at the time of your appointment
  • Assistance with paper work and supporting documents to make an overwhelming process manageable
  • Direct communication with your legal representation or corresponding court
  • Referrals for any needed services
  • Second opinion assessment if you feel a previous assessment at a different agency was conducted unfairly or did not match your needs
  • Protection of your rights according to WAC 388-805 and DBHR ethical standards
  • Outpatient treatment individually based
  • inpatient treatment placement with individual consideration of resources and needs
  • family counseling and follow up for intervention services provided

Based on your needs and not for our profit.

We are here to guide you on your path of discovery to create a better quality of life. For those of you who want, need and are looking for… The Courage To Change.