Alcohol and Drug Assessments

We offer fair and objective evaluations/assessments that are court mandated, for legal issues, custody cases and self referrals. You can be sure that our recommendations will be for your needs individually based.

Outpatient Treatment

Our treatment programs are individually designed for each person based on their current level of care. Your treatment plan is created by you with our guidance. Ultimately, you are responsible and in charge of your care here and we are here to partner you.

We also offer Deferred Prosecution / Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs and report to all of our surrounding courts.

Support Group

Support groups are offered as needed for active counseling members or court required.  Most often our clients in attendance to support group choose to attend on their own.

Consultations for family of those affected by a substance dependence

If you are not sure of what your place is in the life of a love one afflicted by this challenge. We are happy to provide a space to help you find this.  Frustration can be consuming.

References and Referrals

We partner with many surrounding agencies to share services in all areas of the service field. If you are currently attending a treatment facility and feel that you are being mis-treated or unsure of your rights as a client in an outpatient care setting, give us a call.  Our answers are always the honest truth and if we cannot answer, we will find a resource that can.