Jessica C. Rhodes

As a Counselor –

I have attended various colleges focusing in the area of human services with an emphasis on addiction counseling and psychology.

I have been in the helping field for ten years beginning in the youth spectrum and, beginning in 2008, working as an addiction counselor.

I have a deep understanding of those who are struggling to achieve a greater quality of life and a deeper relationship with one’s Self.  My goal is to provide a safe, objective environment to allow for self-discovery and to assist you in harnessing the strengths you possess for continuing on your journey of life. I follow a cognitive behavioral therapy model with a strengths based approach to instill and incorporate your tools for a successful recovery.

As a Yogi –

I have been practicing yoga for over twelve years. For most of us, the want to practice begins as physical and most often broadens later to the spiritual exercise. I am no exception to this norm. Yoga opened for me a discovery of my purpose that I continue to share as a Mother, Sister, Friend and Counselor.

I am a certified yoga instructor having received my 200 RYT Twist Vinyasa of Edmonds while I continue to study the art and practice of Yoga regularly at various local and outside studios. I have found this practice to be wondrously beneficial for those in recovery. Through this beautiful meditative art we learn to strengthen our mind, body and spirit coming to see and understand our true Self.

Yoga and meditation can also be beneficial for a multitude of ailments such as: stress, anxiety, sleep disorders and depression.

I offer private lessons for all experience levels and can work with your schedule to infuse this practice into a program for current, active clients or for those not attending outpatient care who are simply looking for ‘more’.

As a Human Being –

I am a member of king County Search and Rescue, Seattle Mountaineers and One Brick with a love of nature and all things living. I bring this appreciation with me wherever I go as you may see me  rock climbing in our wondrous mountains, backpacking through our beautiful forests or simply strolling one of our many  neighborhoods of the Great Northwest. I dedicate my time to helping others while exploring all that nature has to offer.