Jessica C. Rhodes

As a Counselor –

Crystal offers substance use disorder counseling with an emphasis on strength-based, client-led approach. She has worked both as an inpatient counselor/treatment coordinator and as an advocate for Veteran services with the WDVA and higher education. Crystal often uses meditation therapy with her clients as well as individually created activities that assist with decision making, emotional healing, and relapse prevention. Crystal has a gift in creating a space of comfort and ease for her clients.

As an Activist –

While seeking continuing education opportunities in Eco-psychology, chemical dependency and the mental health spectrum, Crystal pursues her passion for Veteran advocacy, social justice and intimate human connection with the natural world. She has spent much of her free time volunteering as a facilitator for personal-growth workshops, wilderness therapy programs, community earth-day events, food banks, fundraising for various programs and the AmeriCorps.

As a Human Being –

“Coming from a family with a history of addiction issues, I understand the challenges that addiction can create. I have seen addiction claim the lives of those that I care for and I am committed to the cause of helping others to become their best selves in order to obtain and sustain recovery. There IS hope”.

Crystal is family focused with a love for all that is living and she brings this focus in her groups and one on one atmosphere.

Crystal’s personal philosophy is that of using our mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow. Growth requires change, which is often uncomfortable, but with the right knowledge and tools, this change can be embraced and welcomed in order to be your best self and to have the life that fulfills your purpose and intention. Comfort can create boundaries that prevent us from growth. With Crystal, clients will have an opportunity to identify their boundaries and seek change rather than fear it.